Three numbers and the Astros are no longer “disastrous”!

HOUSTON, TX - JULY 01: Josh Reddick
HOUSTON, TX - JULY 01: Josh Reddick /

Contrary to what the fine people of Atlanta believe, the Astros are no longer “disastrous”!

In years’ past, the Astros were a franchise heading in the wrong direction in almost every possible way. If you watched the product they put on the field from 2009 through 2014, you understand exactly what I mean. It was an embarrassment to their fans everywhere.

In fact, I remember the days that I couldn’t leave my house wearing anything depicting the Astros without the awkward glares and snickers. Like, who was I to support a losing team? A team that conceivably had no hope for years? Well, what can I say, I had hope in a future. A distant future, sure, but I had hope. Maybe ill-placed hope at the end of the day, though. Or not. That’s the funny thing about the future. You just never know. And I all I can say is sit back and enjoy this ride known as Astros baseball. They may never be the best team in baseball, but hey, they make it so much fun.

In short, the fine people Atlanta know what good baseball looks like. Their own team was a perennial contender for about two decades. Today’s Braves? Well, not so much. But you would think they could recognize a good team like the Astros when they roll into town.

Rant over; I apologize if I went a bit far this morning. This can all be attributed to rumors on the good ol’ interweb that the Braves posted something stating you can’t spell “disastrous” without “Astros”.

Wait, the word is missing a “s”, am I right?

Oh, well; if anyone can find something that confirms or disprove this rumor then please forward it on to me.

Let’s talk about how the Astros just trounced the Braves in their brand new ballpark.


The offense was clearly the headline surrounding last night’s Astros victory. But I will get to more of that in a minute. The first number, six innings pitched, is what I would like to concentrate on. It just so happens to belong to Brad Peacock, the Astros starting pitcher.

The Astros need a strong start yesterday. Heck, anytime the bullpen doesn’t have to throw anymore than three innings is an accomplishment. You have to save those bullets known as a relievers arm. You just never know when in October you will need them.


Like I mentioned above, the Astros offense was the story of the game. After all, 19 hits by one team is a hard subject to ignore in a baseball game. It’s almost impossible.

The Astros offense wasn’t going to slow down last night. Six Astros batters had two or more hits. Five of these batters had three or more hits. One had four hits and three others had four RBI. It was just an impressive night for the Astros in terms of swinging a wooden bat. And it contributed into another quality road win since all road wins are quality ones in sports.


The game was all but over in the ninth inning. Seriously, Houston held a 12-to-4 advantage over Atlanta. Barring an unforeseen baseball disaster, the Astros were coming away with their 57th win. But Josh Reddick decided to add a few more insurance runs just in case this very slight possibility came to pass.

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The grand slam had an exit velocity of 108.8 MPH, which doesn’t mean terribly much. It was just a nice piece of hitting. But you can’t deny that Reddick’s dinger only cements the team’s standing in today’s baseball as one of the top teams. No matter where in the lineup, this team can punish any opponent no matter the inning.

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