Houston Astros: Internal Options at First Base

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How should the Houston Astros approach their dilemma at first base for the 2016 season?

White photo credit to Rich Guill (@QCBanditPhotog)

Power was not something that the Astros lineup lacked at any point time during the 2015 season. Up and down the lineup there was a hitter capable of depositing the opposing pitcher’s next pitch into the stands. But don’t let the power display blind you, there were production issues at certain key positions in 2015, namely from first base.

Chris Carter did end up somewhat redeeming his otherwise disappointing 2015 season, hitting .333 with six home runs and 12 RBI in the months of September and October. I’ll admit he stepped up when the team needed it most as they held on to a wild card for a playoff berth.

Before then, especially in the dog days of summer, Carter was a non-factor for the Astros. In fact, his lack of production became so glaring that the team began to bench”Trogdor” for a handful of games at a time starting in July that lasted until temporary first baseman, Marwin Gonzalez, was out with a hand injury.

So what does general manager Jeff Luhnow and the rest of the Astros brain trust need to do to ensure that first base is less of a liability going into 2016?

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