The Astros’ George Springer Can’t Swing the Bat, but Can Take the Field


The Houston Astros have been without their energetic slugging outfielder George Springer since July 2, because of a broken wrist suffered in a game versus the Royals. The team has not been the same since he was out of the lineup because of his all-out effort he gives to everything he does on the field. While the Astros lineup is pretty stacked without Springer, they don’t have the same spring in their step without him. The news I’m about to write about is good news, but let’s try to curb our enthusiasm.

Springer has been cleared to start playing baseball with the Astros doctor but has not been given the green light to swing the bat yet. In other words, he can go practice defense and running, but he will not be allowed to pick up the bat. It is unclear when he will make his return as evident from this Tweet from Mark Berman, “No target date for return.”

I know Astros fans are anxious to get Springer-Dinger back in the lineup, but I must ask you to be patient with him. Springer will not be on the Astros 25-man roster until September 1st, no matter how much the Astros need him. A player like Springer can have an impact on the Astros playoff hopes, but here are a few reasons it won’t happen until September.

First of all, the Astros will be extra cautious with their spark plug player. They know that the success of 2015 may depend on the right wrist of Springer. They will make sure that he is ready to assume full baseball activities before they even consider giving him some rehab appearances.

The second reason that Springer will not be on the Astros 25-roster in August is to keep another player such a Jake Marisnick or Preston Tucker eligible for a potential playoff roster. To be eligible for playoff play, the player must be on the 25-roster or the DL on August 31st. There are a few other ways to gain eligibility, but I don’t foresee the Astros having those. Yes, if a player gets hurt prior or during the playoffs, the team can add anyone on the 40-man roster.

These are just a few reasons why the Astros will not rush Springer back, but the main reason is the Astros are very protective of Springer as evident by their handling of his hamstring last season. He is the future of the Astros, we just have to wait a little longer now. Imagine what Carlos Gomez and Springer can do in the outfield together.

What was interesting was that when he was hurt, Springer was taking ground balls at first base according to a Tweet from Chandler Rome. I think it was just a way to get some ground balls and be able to throw with his left hand. Can’t wait for September.

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