A Conspiracy Theorist Guide to Johnny Cueto and the Astros

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Part one of the Conspiracy

Jul 10, 2015; Miami, FL, USA; Cincinnati Reds relief pitcher

Aroldis Chapman

(54) throws the ball in the ninth inning of a game against the Miami Marlins at Marlins Park. The Reds won 1-0. Mandatory Credit: Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

Now to the conspiracy theory ideas that were generated by some of the Astros writers/reporters in the past few days with Tweets. Let’s start with one from MLB.com’s Brian McTaggart from Wednesday.

I think that McTaggart was just offering a more realistic trade proposal. Most fans don’t want to give their best prospects to another team; however, another team is not going to give them their best players for your garbage. In fantasy baseball, you see that a lot with five for one trade offers. This post is not to criticize the original Tweet. I want to focus on the fact McTaggart did not use the word ‘could’ or ‘would’ want, he just said the Reds want Phillips, Hader, Feliz, and Kemp.

Yes, I know I’m stretching a little there. When he was Tweeting this, he probably didn’t think about the word choice. Some people probably just assumed it was what I suggested, just a counter proposal to the original trade idea. However, Mel Gibson would think that Mr. McTaggart has some insight on the trade, but the Reds have stated that they will wait till after the All-Star game to make any trades. So have they already agreed to the parameters of a potential trade? Then again, I don’t believe in conspiracies.

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