The Houston Astros Should NOT Trade for Scott Kazmir

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The Houston Astros definitely will have some choices to make as the July 31st Trade Deadline approaches. The Astros have prospects to unload, needs to fill, and pieces to add in a few different spots. While scanning through some potential targets at starting pitcher, a definite need for the Astros, I looked at Scott Kazmir and immediately thought that he should not be on that list.

Yes, there are some compelling arguments for why Scott Kazmir would be a perfect fit in Houston. Eric even wrote about some earlier today. First, he’s a really good pitcher. Second, he’s a hometown guy who would like to pitch for the Astros (opposite of Cole Hamels). He also has a great comeback story to his name, after he became a complete headcase and was pitching for the Sugar Land Skeeters not too long ago. Returning to the city that helped him so much on his long road back to the MLB would be great for him and a nice headline to follow for Astros fans.

Many top MLB analysts believe that Scott Kazmir is the perfect fit for the Astros at this point and is destined to head to Houston at some time in his career. But, is he really the right guy for the Astros organization right now? I don’t think so, and here is why.

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