Houston Astros Top Prospects Part 3: (#10 – #6)

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7th Best Astro Prospect

#7 Brett Phillips – OF (Stock decreased, #12 in 2014)

To introduce Brett Phillips, I will use parts of a Prospect Report by Jason Burke.

“In the Baseball Prospectus 2015 book, they list Austin Jackson, Joc Pederson and Andrew McCutchen as comparable players to Brett Phillips. McCutchen is a perennial MVP candidate, Pederson has been rated very highly for years, and will likely get his chance in 2015, while Jackson has been a solid defender with a bat that goes off and on.

In the book, BP even says that Phillips, “flashed five-tool numbers…earning him legitimate prospect status and hardware as the Astros’ farm player of the year. To convince folks that he’s more Joc Pederson than the fourth outfielder, Phillips will have to mash when he gets his shot at Double-A, most likely in the second half of 2015.”

The city of Houston will love Phillips’ personality, which is very similar to Lance Berkman when he played for the Astros. Some of his personality shows up in this interview I did with him here.

2014 Stats: .310/ 17 HR/ 68 RBI/ 23 SB

Affiliate Starting in 2015: Single-A Lancaster’s starting center fielder.

MLB Pipeline ETA: 2016

Ceiling: Andrew McCutchen

Floor: Austin Jackson

Position blocker: Evan Gattis

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