Astros All-Time Best Seasons: Right Field

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2000: Moises Alou

Moises Alou is that exception to the rule I referred to earlier, only because he only played 126 game in the Houston Astros’ first season in

Enron Field

Minute Maid Park, when they went 72-90. Let’s cut to the chase:

  • .355/.416/.623
  • 3o home runs/28 doubles/114 RBI
  • Said, “I’ll do you two better, Rusty,” and only struck out 45 times.

I mean, dang. What else can you say? As a rightfielder, he made just one error (although he made six moonlighting as a leftfielder, maybe because nobody knew how to deal with the left field wall initially. But that’s just a guess because I was 5 that year and didn’t watch the games). He only had a 2.6 WAR, but, hey, sometimes WAR isn’t a great indicator of a really solid season, like the one Alou put up in 2000.

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