A Heart-y Look at the Astros Who Wore Number 14

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A picture of candy hearts taken by the author.

It’s Valentine’s Day! That means it’s time for candy and flowers and…baseball?

In honor of this LOVE-ly holiday, I looked up the players who have worn the #14 for the Astros, and then decided if I —meaning we— should’ve loved/liked them while they played in Houston. Believe it or not, #14 is one of the few remaining numbers that hasn’t been retired by the organization (ba-dum-bum).

In franchise history, there have been eleven players to wear the 1-4 combination for Houston. As you’d expect, some have been good, some not so much. Some of them have fantastic stories to go along with their remarkable feats. Out of the eleven, five were deserving of those colorful candy hearts with the little sayings on them. There’s even a candy heart rating system (I got a little carried away).

Hopefully you’ll agree that these guys were worthy of being your Valentine (or your favorite player). I loved- or would have loved- seeing them in the Astros uniform.

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