Astros All-Time Best Seasons: Center Field

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1972/3: César Cedeño

Wait, wait…this is two seasons!

Right you are! The stats are just too similar between the two for me to split hairs. I’m not kidding.

Cedeño hit .320 and slugged .537 in both years, stole 55 and 56 bases, hit 22 and 25 home runs, 39 and 35 doubles and had 82 and 70 RBI. That’s not only impressive, but it’s a model of consistency.

But his story is a bit of a sad one. Although he clearly possessed great skills, he was never really able to reproduce stat lines like the ones he put up in 72-73 over the rest of his career. He failed to make the All-Star team in the last ten years of his career after six great seasons to start, which included 4 Gold Gloves (won one in ’72/’73).

Aggressive defensive play and injuries eventually derailed his career. Here’s hoping that doesn’t happen to George Springer.

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