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2009: Miguel Tejada

Jul 30, 2013; Minneapolis, MN, USA; Kansas City Royals second baseman Miguel Tejada (24) looks on during batting practice before a game against the Minnesota Twins at Target Field. Mandatory Credit: Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

The Cardinals Edgar Renteria was voted to the 2004 All-Star game.

The Astros got tired of not having a star shortstop, so they mortgaged some of their future to get Miguel Tejada. They traded Troy Patton, Luke Scott, Dennis Sarfate, and Matt Albers. While besides Scott having a little success, none of those players became stars.

The problem was they got him from the Baltimore Orioles a year too early or too late. Right when the Astros traded for him, it came out that he was a year older than he said he was. Plus, he was involved in the Mitchell Report. This brought negative attention to Tejada and the team.

From an article written by Jorge Arangure JR,

"In March 2009, then-Astros general manager Ed Wade received a phone call from Tejada’s attorney. Wade’s acquisition of Tejada had seemingly blown up in his face when he appeared in the Mitchell Report on December 13, 2007, a day after the trade. Furthermore, Tejada was called up to Washington D.C. in 2009 to speak with the members of congress with whom he had spoken during the Palmeiro investigation. Tejada’s possible steroid use outlined in the Mitchell Report put him in danger of being charged with perjury."

When the Astros got him, he was still a star, but one that was losing light. He did represent the Astros both years at the All-Star game.

His stats (from Baseball Reference):

  • .313 BA/.340 OBP/.455 SLG/.795 OPS
  • 199 hits
  • 46 doubles
  • 1 triple
  • 14 HRs
  • 86 RBI
  • 1 stolen base
  • 19 walks
  • 1.9 WAR

Yes, Tejada’s WAR is less that Clint Barmes‘s (2011) and Adam Everett’s (2006), and behind Dickie Thon, was probably the biggest star at the time at shortstop the Astros have ever had.

Miguel Tejada finished the 2009 season on a 21-game hitting streak. He finished second in hits to future fellow-failed drug tester Ryan Braun. He also became the 29th shortstop of all-time to reach 2,000 hits in 2009 while in an Astros uniform.

While the batting average was there with the Astros, power never was a big part of his game. He is now just hanging around the game as a utility player. The former MVP has had a rough go of it in the majors, but you have to give him props for hanging around.

Did You Know: Miguel Tejada led the major leagues in what stat in 2009?

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