What’s in a Number? Colby Rasmus likes Number 28


Soon after signing a one year deal with the Houston, Colby Rasmus made a comment that he always worn number 28, and he will be in contact with Jon Singleton to ask if he will give that number up. While the players nor the Astros have not confirmed the switch of the number 28, MLB Jersey Numbers posted a picture on twitter Saturday February 7.

Most players have their superstitions about jersey numbers, or they have always worn that number, so it becomes a part of their identity. So when a free agent comes to a team in which his jersey number is already taken, bribes normally happen. MLB officials don’t really care about who has what number, as long as there are not duplicates on the field of play.

History of trading Uniform Numbers

Some examples of bribes that have occurred in major league baseball are as followed:

I wonder if after they made the jersey trade, did Ricky Henderson know who Turner Ward was? Ricky is known for not knowing his teammates names.

One failed jersey swap had to do with a former Astro. Roger Clemens did not get his way when he joined the Yankees due to the fact that he could not get Paul O’Neil to give up his #21 Jersey. He wore 12 for a while, but then went to number 22 instead. When Roger came to Houston, Andy Pettitte was wearing number 21 in honor of Clemens, so once again he wore number 22.     

Fans Are Affected

While Jon Singleton has not established himself so far, it was easy for him to give up his number. With players being very superstitious about jersey numbers, maybe a change will do good. I’m not sure how attached Singleton was to the number 28, but he obviously can be bought.

While the two players are going to work it out, what about all the Astros fans that already purchased a jersey with Singleton and the number 28? Fans might be upset also that after they paid $50 to $150 for a Jon Singleton jersey, then Singeton gives up his number up for a one year player who probably will not be around in 2016. His new number will be 21, formerly worn by Andy Pettitte.

In the grand scheme of life, a number is just a number. However, if Jon Singleton comes back to have a great year in 2015, he will probably think that the #28 jersey jinxed him during his rookie season. Could 21 be the number of home runs that Singleton will hit this year?

Other Astros Jersey News

  • Jed Lowrie will wear number 8 that he wore last year with the Athletics.
  • Hank Conger will wear jersey number 16
  • Evan Gattis had to give up his 24 jersey because it has been retired by the Astros for Jimmy Wynn, so he will wear number eleven.
  • Luis Valbuena wore number 24 jersey as well last year with the cubs, will wear number 18 this year.
  • Dan Straily, who I am currently working on an interview with, will wear Jersey 47.

Now batting, #21 Jon Singleton.

Now batting, #28 Colby Rasmus.

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