Who Will Be on the Bench for the Astros?

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Sep 24, 2014; Arlington, TX, USA; Houston Astros shortstop Jonathan Villar (2) throws to first base but cannot make the out during the game against the Houston Astros at Globe Life Park in Arlington. Mandatory Credit: Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

The “Not-Very-Likely”

This list of players are guys that are on the 40 Man Roster, but probably won’t be on the team unless there are injuries ahead of them on the depth chart during Spring Training.

C Max Stassi: Although management is very high on Stassi, he won’t be on the team to start the season. But he’ll be the first man up if Castro or Conger go down.

IF Ronald Torreyes: Torreyes’ only real shot on the team is if something happens with Altuve, Lowrie, or Valbuena/Dominguez. But even then, he’ll have to battle with somebody else for that roster spot.

IF Jonathan Villar: Villar is the man Torreyes will be in a battle with if an unfortunate situation were to arise to the club. Villar has been too inconsistent since joining the club in 2013, and will need a very strong Spring Training to stand any realistic shot at joining the roster.

OF Domingo Santana: Santana has shot through the minor league system, but with the depth in the Astros OF, he’s going to need to tear the cover off the ball to stand a chance to make this roster. He’s in the same boat as the men above.

OF L.J. Hoes: Hoes was having trouble being on the roster last season when the Astros didn’t have as much depth in the OF as they do now. A lot would have to happen for Hoes to make this team.

All NRI’s: The standout here is Carlos Correa. Yes, I would love Correa to join the team out of Spring Training, but that’s not going to happen. Even when George Springer was destroying the ball in Spring Training in 2013, he didn’t make the team, and didn’t even step foot on a major league field that season. Correa will have all eyes on him, but he’s not making this roster in time for Opening Day. I could very well be singing a different tune at this time next year though regarding the Astros #1 Prospect.

As for the rest of the NRI’s, the Astros have too much depth all around for any realistic chance of them making the team.