Face of MLB Update


In case you haven’t in noticed your Twitter feed, today is the day to vote for Jose Altuve as the Face of MLB. Why Altuve? A few weeks ago, Astros fans had the opportunity to vote for their face of the franchise, and our second baseman is the one that the fans voted into this contest. The site has all of the up-to-date voting, so if you see Altuve take a dip, make sure to vote!

The voting system is the same as last year, but if you’re unfamiliar with how it works, here is a quick rundown. Go on Twitter and tweet the two hashtags #JoseAltuve #FaceOfMLB. That’s a vote. See someone else’s tweet that you like? Retweet it, and that’s another vote. You get 25, so make sure to use all of them!

To help Jose Altuve out against Oakland’s Sean Doolittle, there has been help from the Astros.

We’re even trying to help a little. Find us on @astrosCTH on Twitter, follow us, locate this tweet, and we’ll follow you back! Simple as that.

The contest runs until 7AM CST, so we have a little bit of an advantage over the West Coast there. As of right now, Doolittle holds a 55/45 edge, so we need to step up our game a little. Let’s advance Altuve to the next round! Let’s make some noise Houston!