Five Potential Targets for the Astros Going Forward

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Mandatory Credit: David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

1. Edwin Jackson

Yes, Edwin Jackson has been a disaster with the Cubs, posting a 14-33 record with a 5.58 ERA and a 1.541 WHiP. Yes, he still has two more seasons on his ridiculous contract worth another $26 Million combined. Yes, having Jackson on the mound over the past two seasons has been the baseball equivalent of dumping petrol on a fire. But hear me out on this one.

First, and for obvious reasons, Jackson would come cheaply and the Cubs may be willing to pick up a large chunk of that remaining contract just to get him out of town. With that being the case, the Astros would not need to break the bank, nor give up one of their better prospects, for a pitcher who has, at times, displayed flashes of brilliance.

Secondly, and as strange as this may sound, Edwin Jackson’s tenure in Chicago may not be as bad as it would appear. His FIP for those two seasons with the Cubs is only 4.09, meaning that, under normalize circumstances, his ERA should have been a run and a half lower. If that would have been the case, Jackson’s contract and performance would be looked at in a different light.

Jackson may simply be a pitcher who needs a change of scenery. Going to the Astros, in a ballpark that is better suited for pitchers, could bring his performance back to acceptable levels. If the Cubs are willing to eat a large portion of his salary, and the Astros do not need to give up a decent prospect, he could be worth that gamble.