Link Dump: Poetry, Trout, Nava and Navidad


Welcome Astros fans! We took a couple off weeks off from the link dump due to the holidays, but they’re back! With teams coming together, this will be a great way to stay up-to-date on the competition in the AL West.

Our good friend Lisa Weatherall wrote a piece about Kyle Blanks. Also, the Rangers have signed Kyle Blanks.

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Brice Paterik takes a humorous look at the Rangers with some holiday glee.

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David Cash also ponders a question about the Texas lineup moving forward.

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There was a holiday theme around the network. Brian Helberg took a different approach with his piece. Spoiler: it has Mike Trout in a Santa hat.

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Apparently Dan Haren is looking to come back the the Angels. Is Miami really that bad?

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Want to know who’s invited to Angels camp? Here is the list of non-roster invitees.

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Co-Editor at Swingin’ A’s, Tony Frye, takes a look at the A’s former Rookie of the Year winners.

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Someone still believes that Oakland can make the playoffs in 2015. So that makes one.

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Matt McHugh takes a look at the Red Sox to help fill the A’s left field hole.

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Finally, we turn to our rain-soaked neighbors to the Northwest. I use the term neighbors loosely, being that they’re 2,300 miles away. Anyway, Dan Hughes wrote a piece about Nick Swisher being an option for Seattle.

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The Mariners reunion piece involved one Ichiro Suzuki.

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Finally, Charlie Spencer-Davis takes a look at the resume of Edgar Martinez.

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The hot stove should be set to heat back up with the holiday season behind us. Each of these teams still has holes that need to be addressed before opening day, so check in with our friends around the network for the latest goings on around the West!