Rumor: Dexter Fowler to the Blue Jays?


Writers on Climbing Tal’s Hill have speculated whether to trade Dexter Fowler or keep him around to help mentor his “unofficial” little brother Georgie (George Springer). According to the rumors out there, it looks like it could have been a one and done career with the Astros.

The Blue Jays have had a productive offseason so far by signing the best free agent catcher in Russell Martin, and then trading Brett Lawrie and three Jays prospects for Josh Donaldson. This adds to an already productive Blue Jay lineup with Edwin Encarnacion and Jose Bautista. The only issue is that their lineup is mostly right-handed.

This is a problem the Blue Jays are looking to address.

According to Jon Morosi, “That’s why Fowler makes so much sense for Toronto. He could become the everyday center fielder, with Pompey shifting to left (that is, if Pompey isn’t moved in the deal). ” Dexter Fowler is a switch hitter who could easily hit at the front of the order.  Shi Davidi, the beat writer for the Blue Jays tweeted “#BlueJays are now down to three outfielders on 40-man roster — Bautista, Pompey and Pillar. More moves coming.” 

But I’m a blogger for the Houston Astros, so that’s enough talk of the Blue Jays.

Why would the Astros do this trade? Haven’t they been trying to prove that they are ready to win, and are done trading veterans for prospects? Haven’t they been trying to prove to free agent pitchers that they are serious about increasing payroll?  The answer is yes, but if you can get a top 100 prospect back in the deal, or another piece to fill your weakness at shortstop and third base, go for it.

While this is speculation, the name that was brought up coming to the Astros is Dalton Pompey, who is at this moment ranked as the #3 top Blue Jay prospect, as well as the #88 top 100 MLB prospects. He had a cup of tea last year with the Blue Jays with 39 at-bats playing center field. He is only 21 years old, was assumed to be taking over the everyday Blue Jay’s center field position at the beginning of the off season. So he is not exactly a Low-A prospect that will help the Astros in 5 years, he could help them this year.

What does he offer the Astros? Last year in the minors he hit .317, with 84 Runs, 9 HRs, 51 RBI’s, and 43 stolen bases. How many double steals could we see between Jose Altuve and Dalton Pompey? He might be the best option the Astros have to bat lead-off.

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  • Here is a scouting reports about Pompey from Baseball America, Vince Lara-Cinisomo

    “A super athletic player, Pompey does get plus ratings on his arm and defense. In fact, his carrying tool is his potentially-plus center-field defense, and he won the minor league Gold Glove Award for center fielders last season. He’s an above-average runner and efficient on the bases, stealing on 43 of 50 attempts. He has gap power and could hit 30 or more doubles annually, but his swing path will likely produce below-average home run power.”

    “He’s an above-average runner and efficient on the bases, stealing on 43 of 50 attempts.”-Vince Lara-Cinisomo

    The question is, is Dalton Pompey enough to trade Dexter Fowler and his potential 9 million dollar salary in arbitration this year? Do we also ask for maybe a more major league ready third base prospect? How will this look to Astros fans? Will people reading the paper (or Twitter) after the rumored trade goes down, and think, “here we go again?”

    While nothing is official until it actual happens, or David Robertson’s agent leaks information to get more money out of the Yankees, it never hurts to say “what if?”

    In the words of a wise person, “That’s all I have to say about that!”