A.L. West Link Dump: Mariners Add on, A’s Trade Donaldson


The A.L. West has had a busy last seven days. The Mariners are getting better, and the A’s are up to something, but that something included trading their best player. They’ll be an intriguing team to watch as the winter meetings approach. In fact, that’s what we do here once a week, is keep an eye on the competition.

Since Josh Donaldson was traded, let’s start with the A’s this week. Tony Frye over at Swingin’ A’s did his usual “Twitter Roundup” which incorporates fan’s tweets into an article and provides some commentary. A few days ago, he included the fan’s reactions to losing their All-Star third baseman.

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Now that the fun is over, let’s get serious. There is a lot of speculation over who will be the next to leave Oakland. The first option isn’t terrible surprising.

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Others are speculating that Brandon Moss could be on the move. Joseph DeClercq tinkers with a trade option that Oakland should consider.

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The other team that has been in the news over the past week is the Seattle Mariners. Ugh, they’re going to be good. You may know that the M’s signed Nelson Cruz, but Dan Hughes at Sodo Mojo projects what his bat can provide in 2015.

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If adding Cruz weren’t enough, apparently some are suggesting that the Mariners should go after Ryan Braun, too.

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On Black Friday, Sodo Mojo had some fun and formed their own shopping list, filled with great discounts!

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You know who’s pay attention to winter ball? The folks over at Nolan Writin’. You know who has a hot bat in winter ball? Well, that’s below.

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David Cash tells us who will be the Rangers closer next season.

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Just because it’s big news, they also decided to cover Donaldson’s departure from the division. What one would think of as a celebratory article, is more of a love letter.

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Finally, the Angels. Anaheim has been quiet thus far this offseason, so there isn’t anything flashy. Yet, these articles provide some information on what the Angels are planning.

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Looking for relief help, Brian Helberg asks about Luke Hochevar.

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Get to know an Angel prospect. He may just torment the A.L. West for years to come.

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That’s it for this week. Next week will likely have plenty of juicy rumors with the winter meetings set to start on Sunday. If you can’t wait that long, check the sites throughout the week. They all post more than three articles, I swear.