How Would You Attack This Offseason, Astros Fans?


This whole month, we have been writing about the holes that the Astros have, whether it is their bullpen, or unreliable candidates at shortstop, third and left field. The Astros could also use another starter to provide depth at the major league level while their young talent continues to develop in the minors.

Now we want to ask you, the fans: what would you do this offseason? The Astros have $20M to spend this offseason, and with the winter meetings approaching, that money is likely to be spent soon. What should they spend it on?

Do you trust Jonathan Villar and Marwin Gonzalez to form an effective shortstop platoon in 2015? What about left field? Is Jake Marisnick the answer? Who plays center if Dexter Fowler is traded? George Springer has the athleticism to do the job, but Marisnick is another option as well.

What free agent reliever(s) would you go after? Do you want to roll with Chad Qualls for another season at closer? Which catcher would you look to trade?

Who do you think will have a breakout season? Which rookie do you think can make a big impact in 2015? The Astros are going to be an exciting team to keep an eye on this offseason as they add pieces to help them compete not only next season, but for years to come. The building process for the contending team we all expect in the next couple of years could potentially have the groundwork laid a week from Sunday, when the meetings begin in San Diego.

There are plenty of options to improve the roster for 2015, so there are likely going to be many different opinions. Who’s right? Well, we won’t be able to judge that until the season is underway, but we can sure speculate!

What are your ideas? We’d love to hear from you.