Is Chris Carter being Traded?


July 31. In baseball language that date means the trade deadline. There is a possibility that some Astros may still be moved after the date, but for now, this post gives a glimpse of some recent trade rumors involving the Houston Astros.

Jeff Luhnow has changed his stance on dealing starting pitching. This has primarily been due to the fact that not a lot of elite starting pitchers have been on the market. David Price and the Tampa Bay Rays recent dominance has likely constricted the market even further.

Luhnow has the upper hand in any potential deals as he does not have to save money nor does he need to bolster the system much more.

MLBTR’s running post can be found here.

Jon Heyman, via Twitter:

Don’t forget that Feldman’s contract is front-loaded. He is owed the remainder of $12 million in ’14 and then is owed $18 million for the final two seasons. Chris Carter, who has been on a tear in July, is also being dangled about in Astros trade rumors. Though it does not appear likely that he will head to Seattle, I am pretty positive that if he is traded, he will go to an American League team.

MLBTR’s running post on Carter is here, which explains why I believe Carter is headed to an AL team. With only hours remaining until the deadline, who will stay in Houston? And will they be claimed off waivers in August as contenders prepare their rosters for the postseason push? These questions will be answered, along with others, in the next few hours.

UPDATE 10:00 AM: Cosart on the market, Keuchel will NOT be dealt.

Jarred Cosart was acquired three years ago in the Hunter Pence trade. He is attractive to buyers on the market due to not being arbitration eligible until 2017.

UPDATE 10:52 AM: Price talks are still in progress with a deal becoming increasingly more possible despite the Rays being involved in the hunt for October.