Astros Weekend Links


Lots of good Astros links out there today. Enjoy.


"The most obvious change in Keuchel’s game is a really noticeable increase in throwing his sinker in the strike zone. It started to increase last year and has taken another huge jump in 2014."

Houston Chronicle

"“I don’t think anybody’s happy. I’m not,” one Astros player told the Chronicle recently on the condition his identity not be revealed. “They just take out the human element of baseball. It’s hard to play for a GM that just sees you as a number instead of a person. Jeff is experimenting with all of us.”"

Afram News

"“The procrastination and playing games is proof that the Houston Astros think that we will just cool off and walk away,” Roy Douglas Malonson said. “First the insult over media credentials and now 4 to 5 weeks of waiting without an answer. That is insulting to our patience.”"

Ultimate Astros

"The Astros are considering San Diego Cathedral Catholic High lefthander Brady Aiken, North Carolina State lefthander Carlos Rodon, Kolek, San Diego Rancho Bernardo High catcher Alex Jackson, University of San Francisco center fielder Brad Zimmer and LSU righthander Aaron Nola for the top pick, according to multiple amateur scouting evaluators."

Tag’s Lines

"I want to play. I feel like I can play. At the same time, you’ve got to be smart and just take it as they go. I want to play and want to try to help us."