Matt Dominguez Had a Blunder & Bo Porter Was Not Happy


Matt Dominguez (Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports)

Things are not going well for the Houston Astros so far this season. In continuing with a trend that began last season, there are times where you have to question what is taking place on the field.

Whether it is completely fair or not, to some degree the blunders ultimately fall on Bo Porter.

The Astros hierarchy have begun to make it clear with the arrival of George Springer and the departures of Robbie Grossman and Lucas Harrell, that results are beginning to matter.

And there is no place for mental mistakes.

Matt Dominguez had a base running blunder Thursday night as he inexplicably tried to stretch a single into a double. This was following a walk by Chris Carter to lead off the inning, and Dominguez had no business trying for second base. He obviously was thrown out, and it took away the threat for a big inning.

Following the game, Porter was uncharacteristically outspoken about his frustration and unhappiness about it. Judging by these tweets from Jose de Jesus Ortiz , you have to wonder if Porter is beginning to feel some heat and pressure. Also, the Astros were just swept so he is allowed to be frustrated, but these mental mistakes need to stop.

And Porter is the one to whom the responsibility ultimately falls.