Marc Krauss is Hitless in 13 At Bats


Marc Krauss (Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports)

Marc Krauss hit his way on to the Houston Astros’ 2014 roster by hitting .293 this spring in 48 plate appearances. But so far this season, Krauss has come to the plate 15 times, and has yet to register a hit. Krauss does have two walks and has struck out five times.

Yes this is something that needs to be noted. And I’m sure Astros’ fans are very aware of Krauss’ struggles as the team has had issues finding offense so far this season. But, we are just seven games in, and there is no need to overreact.

Last season Krauss had 134 at bats for the Astros and hit just .209. A lot of his struggles were mental, and over the winter they appeared to have been corrected. But so far in a very small sample size, Krauss has not been able to produce.

Krauss still owns his skills, and having a hitless week will not change that. But it is a situation that does need to be monitored.

"“I think maybe I’m trying to do too much sometimes,” he said. “And the other times I’m not aggressive enough. There hasn’t been a good balance of being too passive or too aggressive. I’ve just kind of been on one end or the other.“If I can just find that balance and get some good pitches to hit, which I have. I really haven’t been swinging at too much out of the zone. I’ve just been missing pitches. I’m confident that I can get that swing back to where I’m hitting them hard again.”"