Dexter Fowler Will be Traveling to Toronto


Dexter Fowler (Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports)

There are more to the Houston Astros offensive struggles in their three losses to the Angels than just the absence of Dexter Fowler. But that doesn’t mean Astros’ fans should be any less excited that Fowler rejoined the team today and will travel with the Astros to Toronto.

Fowler is still weak, having lost eight pounds from the virus, and was unable to play in today’s 9-1 loss, but it was still a good sign to see him back with the team. Doctors are still searching for the cause of the virus, and Fowler is still working to regain his strength, but the fact that he can travel with the team is a positive.

"“I’m pretty weak right now,” Fowler said. “I’m going to see if I can eat some food now. I haven’t eaten in three days. It’s all been liquids and rice and stuff. I’m getting better and just happy everything has slowed down a little bit and I can go out there and be with the team.”"

It is still early in the season, so there is no need to rush Fowler back. Plus, more importantly, a player’s health is what should be made the priority which is what the Astros and Bo Porter are doing.  I would not expect to see him back in the lineup tomorrow night, but I think he will make an appearance this week in Toronto and restore the natural order of the lineup.

"“One of the best decisions the doctor made was allowing him to rest the last few days, instead of trying to rush him back,” Porter said. “He showed up today in better condition than he would have shown up yesterday, so that’s promising.”"