2014 Over/Under: 62.5 Wins


Jason Castro (David Manning-USA TODAY Sports)

Spring Training should be a time for optimism. There is a 162 game blank slate ahead of you. The dark, dreary winter is starting to give way to spring. Flowers are beginning to bloom.

Everyone starts the season tied for first place. What that also means though, is that each team is also tied for last. So if the majority, which is as close to 100% as possible, is correct, then the Astros won’t have far to travel. Even the most optimistic prognosticators will have a hard time picking Houston to finish anywhere but last place.

After three straight 100-plus loss seasons, it is hard to garner up much optimism about the Astros’ fortunes for this season. That sentiment has been clear on this very site both in some of the articles and the comments. This is also a belief that is echoed across many other Astros centered websites and the national media as well.

And it is not wrong.

Houston won 51 games last season. Even if they improve by 11 games, they will still have their fourth straight 100 loss season. At this point, it is hard to expect otherwise.

The good thing here is that the organization from top to bottom has bought into the plan and is optimistic not only about the current season, but the future in general. Yes, they have to say this, but it is the attitude they need to have. And while it might not directly show in the on field results, we have turned a corner.

Again, I don’t want to be overly optimistic and try to get everyone to buy a pile of bubble gum infused, unwarranted lies and optimism. But I am going to go on the record and say the streak ends at three.

Bovada has released their 2014 MLB Over/Unders, and they have the Astros at 62.5 wins. I’m not sure what the margin will be, but taking the Over will be the winning bet.