The Rain Didn’t Stop Everyone Today & Feldman is a Leader


Scott Feldman (Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports)

Today’s rain gave the Houston Astros the day off as their tilt against the New York Mets was postponed.

That is a problem as the Astros have 65 players in camp who all need work. It is hard enough with a normal schedule that includes split-squad games, but sometimes that is not enough. For that reason, the Astros had a B-squad game scheduled against the Mets which proved to be useful today.

Scott Feldman and Brad Peacock were both able to get much needed work in today. Well they would have thrown regardless of whether or not there was the game, but it is always better for pitchers to get their work in against an opposing team. This is especially true when they have already mentally prepared themselves to pitch in a real game.

"“I figured if it was too rainy we would probably just move into the cage, maybe move in a sim game,” Feldman said. ” I do hate it when, you know, you get all prepared to pitch and then the games gets rained out. It’s pretty annoying. It was nice. I was happy we got it in.”"

The one good thing about Feldman, is that as a veteran, Spring Training is more of a formality for him. He knows how to pitch and also is aware of what he needs to do in preparation for the season. This is not something we are accustomed to due to the lack of veterans that have called Houston home lately.

"“He’s his own pitching coach,” Strom said. “He is really, really good at what he does. He changes speed so well, understands what he’s supposed to do. This is what experience does for you. And the biggest thing with Scott is, I’m going to start to look more at him with hitter-pitcher selections and things and some different options that he may not have thought of. Some things like maybe elevating the ball once in a while instead of always staying down in the zone. It’s not going to be a drastic thing cause he’s been successful.”"

But maybe the most important part of Evan Drellich’s article, is how Feldman has been serving as a mentor to the younger pitchers so far this spring. This is one of the reasons why Feldman was added this winter and why I think it will ultimately prove to be a prudent signing. It is also nice to see the young pitchers use Feldman as a resource, especially Jarred Cosart.

"“Just annoying the crap out of me all the time?” Feldman joked. “I think he’s a great kid. I think he’s got a really bright future. … I’ve gotten a chance to know him pretty well and (Brad) Peacock and Obie (Brett Oberholtzer) and some of those guys that are trying to make a name for themselves in the big leagues.”"