Carlos Rodon has a pet clam named Clammy


You may have thought you had heard it all about top MLB draft prospect Carlos Rodon. Scouts have devoured every iota of data they can find on the flame-throwing lefty and seem to have a pretty strong idea of who he is on the baseball field. However, with the help of this article and a little bit of twitter research, I have discovered something so important that I am shocked it is not plastered on every scouting report of Rodon.

That’s right. The man some have dubbed as the best pitching prospect since Stephen Strasburg has a pet clam that he has appropriately named Clammy.

As if that wasn’t enough to love already, Rodon has a bevy of other fish in his fish tank, including a black clown fish named Marlin.

Rodon said in the interview linked above that Marlin is the only fish with a name currently because so many of them die. Through some intense investigative journalism, I unearthed some of the befallen’s names.

Ok. Rodon may have an 80 grade slider, but I only feel comfortable passing out a 50 grade for his fish-naming. A solid 80% of his known fishes (fish? fishen?) names are just characters from Finding Nemo.

This story could end here and it would be pretty decent, but no, Rodon’s love of fish goes even deeper. Keely “had nothing to look at when I left Raleigh and went back to school,” so he bought her her very own fish tank for Christmas.

What a sweetheart. Took the time to stop striking out every person he has ever seen to run to the store and grab another tank for his girlfriend.

The 2014 MLB draft begins on June 5th and while it seems likely that the Astros will pick Rodon, no one can ever really know for sure. What is certain, however, is that he will be cheered on no matter where he goes by his two special friends, Marlin and Clammy.