Jarred Cosart has not gotten the memo that what he put..."/> Jarred Cosart has not gotten the memo that what he put..."/>

Cosart Gate 2014: Part II


Jarred Cosart (Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports)

Clearly Jarred Cosart has not gotten the memo that what he puts out there on Twitter is actually public information. Not only is it out there for the whole world to see, but it is permanent. Yes he did delete the offending tweet once again, but that doesn’t mean that it has not been saved for prosperity.

The first thing here, is that I don’t want this to be a referendum against Twitter. The social media site is a great tool for gathering information and also for interacting with athletes and others whom we otherwise would not have the chance to communicate with. Just because Cosart has gotten himself into trouble with Twitter, and yes I unwittingly started it, it doesn’t mean that he should remove himself from the social network.

There is no reason why Cosart cannot continue to interact with fans and friends. In fact I would encourage it. But what he did here cannot be excused. However, quite simply, Cosart needs to grow up.

Yes, he is only 23-years old, and has a lot to learn and this should not be blown out of proportion, but it also needs to be addressed. I’m not going to sit here and reference specific tweets from Cosart’s account, because there are just too many.

It is hard for anyone to deal with criticism and to see something negative written about him, and that is even without having to be a public figure. But that is no excuse.

Calling fans out is wrong. Now I’m not saying you cannot respond to criticism, but there has to be some tact involved. In my interaction with Cosart, I was called a derogatory term which is offensive for merely expressing my thoughts. I didn’t call Cosart out, or even say anything unfounded.

To be honest, I want Cosart to take offense on some level to the article. Use it as motivation. But if you have an issue with what I said, contact me, share your thoughts/opinions, and I will publish them. And if I am wrong, I will be more than happy to say that and admit it.

Even calling me an “idiot”, is something can deal with. Is it right? No, not at all, but it shows fire and passion. Maybe a little misguided in the response, but understandable. An offensive term about the developmentally disabled is plain wrong.

And then today, Cosart just kept on going. This time it was an offensive slur.

Cosart said it in jest and in a conversation with a friend, but that doesn’t make it right. Not in any forum. Not ever. Especially just one day after Michael Sam made a groundbreaking announcement. Cosart’s use of the term and his response about it illustrate everything that is wrong with the attitudes of some athletes.

It needs to stop. A canned apology is not going to cut it.