Some Astros Are Working Out in the Dominican


Jose Altuve (Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports)

Just because pitchers and catchers are not officially reporting to Spring Training for another few days, it does not mean that the fields in the Dominican Republic are not beginning to fill up.

We know the Astros are rebuilding. That means they are filled with young players looking to progress in their careers and grow as professionals. What fans have seen as misery and years as losing, comes across differently to players. They see it as opportunity.

And that is a good thing. Because that is the underlying theme of this year’s Spring Training. I’m not saying that it will translate to wins and losses on the field, but the Astros should at least be more exciting to watch in 2014.

The good thing here, is that players seem to recognize the opportunity that they have. In that vein, many young players have already reported to get a jump on preparations for this season. Thanks to the Twitter account of Jeff Luhnow, we got a look at what is going on at the Astros’s Dominican academy. What this also shows, is the investment that Houston has made in areas that don’t directly relate to the current on field product and are not reflected in the payroll.