CSN Houston officiallly enters Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection


The Astros and CSN Houston are back in the courtroom today as Judge Marvin Isgur continues to hear the Chapter 11 case.

The Astros are trying to get the case thrown out so they can take their media rights back. Astros attorneys have argued that the RSN has already failed and reorganization will not help the situation. Comcast attorneys say there is still hope. Judge Isgur originally said his decision will not be made today. However, The Chronicle‘s David Barron, who has been live-tweeting updates from the courtroom all day, recently sent out this nugget.

That doesn’t sound good for the Astros. I’m not that sure though, because I don’t speak legalese. Attorneys for the Astros had previously stated:

CSN Houston is definitely broken. That much is clear — and Judge Isgur has made it official.

If the Astros are unable to break free from the RSN then most of us are probably looking at another season without the ability to watch the games on TV.