The Signs Are on the Move


More fireworks at Minute Maid Park (Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports)

This is big news. It is also minor, and almost meaningless news. Yes, I know, I just offered up a contradiction. But it’s true, I can’t help it.

The news that the eyesore known as the “Community Leaders” board in left field will be moved prior to next season was met with much thanks from the fans. Ever since it was installed, the board was not a hit with fans, and it received its fair share of much deserved criticism.

It was viewed by the fans as just another cold decision made solely for monetary gain without any regard for how it would impact the paying customers. While that may be a little cynical, Jim Crane did not do anything prior to that point to garner much support or goodwill. Fans had every right to view it as yet another kick to the gut and a reminder that they weren’t viewed as being important. Whether or not that was actually the case didn’t matter, as it was just one thing after another.

"The new location, which will align the signs across the left field and left-centerfield facade, just below the railroad tracks, will provide improved visibility for the signs and clear the view of the Minute Maid Park train, which is a popular signature of the ballpark. The new location, which was also determined as a result of feedback from Astros fans, will provide a clearer view of the popular fireworks shows, presented by Marathon Oil, and of the downtown skyline."

Again not to blow this out of proportion, but it is yet another move and sign from the leadership that they are paying attention to, and listening to fans. Our opinions are beginning to matter once more. That is another step in the right direction.

"“We value the feedback we receive from our great fans and feel that the changes we are making will be a win-win situation for everyone,” team president Reid Ryan said in a statement issued by the team."