Jose Altuve is the Face of the Houston Astros


Jose Altuve (Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports)

If you lose 100 games for for three straight years, that means there is a serious lack of talent. For anyone that has watched and followed the Houston Astros over the past few seasons, they know that this is true.

Not only have the Astros been terrible as a whole, but individually there has not been much that stood out. Yes help is on the way in the form of minor league prospects and future stars, but the situation has been pretty bleak over the past few years.

As they did last off-season, MLB Network is running a series for each of the 30 teams where the “Face” of their organization is fan selected. Results of the Astros vote were released the other day, and the results were indicative of the current state of the organization.

What was interesting to me, was the lack of support received by Biggio and his fellow “Killer B” Jeff Bagwell. Perhaps if they are more successful in their Hall of Fame bid in two weeks that can change. But we cannot discount their value and impact to the organization.

The fact that Altuve was victorious here is not surprising as he made the All-Star team last year, is the most recognizable veteran, and was the first to receive a contract extension instead of being traded away for more prospects.

In even just three short years, I have a feeling that these results will look a lot different. And that is exciting. But there comes a point where talking about potential will get old.