Some Thoughts as the Offseason Begins


David Price (Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports)

The Astros plan to be players this offseason. According to Jim Crane, there is about $40-$50 million to spend, and Jeff Luhnow will use that to improve the team.

With the World Series just about nearing conclusion, it is truly time to start shifting the focus towards the offseason and the impending Hot Stove League. It’s not saying much, but this might prove to be the best fall/winter for Houston since Andy Pettitte and Roger Clemens joined the Astros.

Already this offseason, Luhnow and company were not shy as they offered Cuban first baseman Jose Abreu $55 million. Ultimately I think it worked out for the better that the Astros missed out on Abreu, but it certainly was a good thing that they were involved in the rumors and discussions.

With that being said I think that for the most part, maybe aside from a few potential trade and free agent targets (Robinson Cano for one example), most available players are at least a possible option for the Astros. That means that we here at Climbing Tal’s Hill have the responsibility to least bring every available player and rumor to your attention.

To say that once the World Series ends rumors are going to swirl, would be an understatement. Not all are going to be serious, legitimate, or even come to fruition. Some might make more sense than others, but all have to be considered at least to some degree. Quite frankly, there might be instances where it is pure speculation, but at the very least it makes for good debate.

What I don’t want to happen this offseason, and I do not think it will happen, is for Luhnow to go out and acquire players just for the sake of marketing, perceived goodwill, and to spend money. The new additions need to fit with the plan that was put in place and has already begun.

It might be difficult to see some young players and prospects lose their spots or to be traded, but it is for the greater good. We have gotten worse to get better, now let’s see the benefits of those struggles.

Throughout the offseason, we will be your source for Astros news, rumors, and analysis. If there is something that you would like to see covered here, feel free to let us know.