Share Your #ToppsMoment, Win An Astros Topps Archive Print


Do you like to win things and are you a Houston Astros fan? If you answered in the affirmative, then this contest is for you.

To win an Houston Astros Topps Archive Print, all you need to do is enter. Just head on over to Call to the Pen and enter today! But this is more than just an article about heading over to a website to enter a contest. It is an ode to baseball cards. And that is what this contest is about.

I’m sure the majority of you grew up collecting baseball cards to some degree. While it may not have been an obsession, you quite possibly owned some cards. The greater likelihood, is that they were cards of Astros’ players.

For one reason or another, I doubt that you continued the hobby. And if you did, your involvement likely decreased over time. But that does not mean you don’t still have the same feeling towards baseball cards as you once did.

I remember the feeling 20-plus years ago of cracking open a fresh pack of Topps baseball cards. It was great. What was even better, was opening that pack and seeing a familiar Astros player.

Back before the internet, baseball cards were everything. You got a color picture of your favorite player, plus their career stats to digest and memorize.

Now thanks to Topps and their archive prints, you can replay that feeling continuously on hanging on your wall. Astros fans can currently choose from Nolan Ryan, Buddy Bell, or Don Sutton.