Who Do You Have Winning the 2013 World Series?


Michael Wacha (Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports)

After a season that began with pitchers and catchers reporting to camps in February, the end is just about near. There is somewhere between four and seven games left in the 2013 baseball season.

For Astros’ fans, the season has been over for a while (or did it ever really start?), but there is still no reason why we can’t enjoy the other 29 teams. This year’s playoffs have been exciting and competitive, but now there are just two teams left.

As we settle in for Game 1 on Wednesday, our staff shared their thoughts on what to expect for the battle between the Boston Red Sox and St. Louis Cardinals.

Greg Thurston: 

I think this should be an extremely competitive and entertaining World Series. However, as I stated in an article last week, I believe the Red Sox will come out on top. Even though they were slumping offensively, Boston was able to take care of the Tigers in six games. If the offense gets on track it could spell doom for the Cardinals. The young Cardinals pitchers have been outstanding up to this point. Let’s see how they do against a stronger lineup and with the added pressure of the biggest stage in the sport.

Ray Kuhn: 

I did say prior to the season that this would be a bounce back year for Boston. Well they did finish in last place in 2012, so there really was not any place for them to go but up. The Red Sox imported some high character solid competitors in the offseason and also brought back John Farrell as manager. The difference certainly was noticeable. But that is not it. The first three pitchers they tried at closer either got hurt or didn’t work out, but that has not seemed to matter. Plus they have the intangibles. That is also not to take anything away from the Cardinals who are also getting Allen Craig back as their DH in this series. Ultimately I think pitching on the road in Fenway Park will prove to be too much for the Cardinals’ young pitchers, and I have Boston taking the championship in seven games.

Yoni Pollak: 

Don’t we all just love seeing these two teams in the World Series?!? Okay, not really, but it should still be a great series. As a Jeff Luhnow fan I’d love to see the Cardinals succeed. I still have a bit of hatred for the Cardinals from our NL Central days but at this point it shouldn’t matter. I’ll be rooting for Luhnow’s kids and I think a Cardinals WS win should make Astros fans really excited. I think it’ll be a good series and I’ll take the Cardinals in six.

Andy Pondillo:  

The Cardinals will win this World Series in five.  Now I know that sounds like a blowout, but I look for these to be five very good games. Unfortunately for the Red Sox the Cardinals have gotten hot with the bats.  Lets look back, St Louis beat Pittsburgh and LA with ice cold bats. With Matt Carpenter, Beltran, and Holliday showing life the Cardinals will be unstoppable. Let’s not forget about that pitching staff either, as good as it gets with Wainwright and Wacha.

Tyler Stafford:  

Well, I’ve got good news and bad news. The bad news is the Cardinals are going to win the World Series, proving yet again that they made a deal with the devil who gives them a never ending wellspring of talent. The good news is we hired the guy who made that deal. Fifteen of the 25 men on the Cardinals active roster were drafted or acquired when Jeff Luhnow was there, including Texas Aggie standout, Michael Wacha.

Shane Victorino and David Ortiz (Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports)