And 2013 is Over


The 2013 season started off on a very good note. Well at least for one game. And then things went downhill pretty quickly. But through it all, we were here together.

Jason Castro and Brett Oberholtzer (Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports)

You the loyal reader and us the staff at Climbing Tal’s Hill. We like to think of it as a community here, and the hope is that you do as well. And for that, we are much appreciative and we thank you.

But just because the season is over, it does not mean that our job is done. In fact, it is just beginning. Just because the Astros do not have any games scheduled until February, it does not mean that we will go silent.

So please, continue to visit the site each day as the fun is just beginning.

As painful as most of it may be, we do have this past season to review and dissect. However, there also are some bright spots that should be noted. Plus, we have the whole minor league season to review as we relive their success.

The Arizona Fall League and the other Winter Leagues will start soon, so we have that to discuss.

With any luck, the Astros will make some player transactions this offseason, so the rumor mill and Hot Stove league will be buzzing in earnest. So we have that to analyze.

There are not many roles that are secure entering next season, so that is something we can speculate on as well.

Spring Training will be here before you know it, and baseball truly has become a year round sport.

If there are features or topics you want discussed, do not hesitate to let us know, as this site is yours as much as it is ours.

Thanks for reading all season.