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Which Astros GIF Is Worse? You Decide!


Yesterday, Astros shortstop Jonathan Villar decided to try and stretch a single into a double. Villar slid into second base head first and lifted his head as he was getting to second base. One problem. Brandon Phillips caught the ball and was bending down to apply the tag. The difference between this play and a regular play was that Phillips was facing the other way, therefore his bottom was facing Villar. Facing happens to be the right word here as Villar would lift his head during the slide and make contact with Phillips’ butt.

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Pretty funny right? Hilarious if you ask me. But if you slow it down, it appears Villar was actually safe. Some people love the hustle, others think he’s giving away easy outs. The move was questionable by Villar, but at the end of the day it appears he should have been called safe.

Now…Does the Villar GIF beat the GIF from last year?

I’m not going to introduce this next GIF, as it pretty much has summed up the last few seasons.

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So it’s up to you, the Astros fans, to decide which Astros GIF is worse. Vote below and sound off in the comments!