Houston Astros Roundtable- Expectations for September?


It is very constructive to have dialogue, conversation, and to present varying viewpoints. With that in mind, each week I am going to ask a question of our knowledgeable staff and post their responses below. I will also be weighing in with my thoughts. I then ask you, the reader, to offer your opinion and tell us what you think.

Chris Carter (Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports)

What is the one thing you are most concerned about seeing out of the last month of the regular season?

Greg Thurston: 

I was going to say I’d like to see everyone stay healthy down the stretch. That didn’t work out — our best player got hurt. But it appears as though Castro’s injury isn’t too serious.

Otherwise, I just hope the team can avoid any more public relations problems. All season it has been one nightmare after another in that particular area. From the CSN Houston fiasco, to the Houston Women’s Center, to the Forbes articles, and everything else in between — we’ve seen enough bad press to last a lifetime.

Ray Kuhn: 

September is essentially just an early beginning to Spring Training for the Astros. But it is much more than that to me. I want the Astros to finish the season strong. Yes wins and losses are important, but I want to see progress. Last season the Astros finished the season strong, and obviously that did not translate into this season. For a team like Houston, wins are overrated. What I want to see is competitive games. I do not want to see any blunders, gaffes, or loss of focus.

When I’m watching the Astros play out the string, I would like them to provide some moments that I can hang my hat on. Thoughts that can carry me through until February is what I’m looking for out of the Astros in September. Something to give me optimism other than George Springer. A clearer picture of what the 2014 Astros will look like.

This is a new era in Houston, and I want a September without drama. Let’s get all of the controversy behind us, and move forward with optimism.

Yoni Pollak: 

Winning. Yep, you read that right. Winning. I’m semi-concerned the Astros may start winning too much. Now with Castro down for a bit that should help the cause, but if OKC ends their playoff run early and the Astros call up Springer then they may win too much and lose the number one overall pick. They’ve been in several games lately and if the bullpen wasn’t atrocious they may have added a few more wins. I’m hoping the bullpen stays bad, OKC makes a long playoff run, and the Astros don’t win enough games to erase a (around) 6 game lead for the number one overall pick. My second answer? Injuries!

Ace Feltman:

The last month of the regular season for the Houston Astros will be all about what the previous 6 months have been; development.

Concerned is a tough word to address but if I had to say one thing it would be to just stay the course with the young guys and AVOID INJURIES.

With the Redhawks, Hooks and much of the organization’s farm teams in the postseason we probably won’t see a lot of the young up-and-comers like Springer, Singleton, Deshields, and more Max Stassi until next season.

I guess personally and selfishly I want the Stros to continue to help the Rangers. 🙂

Tyler Stafford:

Finding a ticket at Minute Maid.

That, and…. injuries. The Astros have a ton of young players who simply are not used to playing a full major league season. A typical minor leaguer plays anywhere from 120 to 130 games if they are a full time starter. That’s about where we’re at right now. This season is lost. I just want to make it to 2014 with everyone healthy, mentally and physically.

What is everyone else looking for out of the conclusion of the 2013 season? Or has everyone just switched their focus to football?