Bo Porter is Leading Football Themed Roadtrip


The baseball season is a marathon. It could be a drag. For young teams for whom most of their players are experiencing this for the first time, it is even worse. Then add in the fact that the Astros are not exactly having a successful season on the field, it is that much worse.

J.J. Watt (Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports)

In what has been a tough season on the field for the Astros, Bo Porter has done a very good job trying to keep the team motivated and piece together a lineup and rotation. Granted at times, I have not been especially pleased with some of the rookie manager’s moves, but I think he has overall done a pretty good job. Just like the players had to go into an adjustment period, Porter has had to as well.

What stands out to me, is that when some teams would be folding in the dog days of August, the Astros have begun to surge a little bit. Now I do not want to overvalue winning a few series, but the local nine have shown some life. The young starting pitchers have stepped up, the lineup has stabilized, and results have followed.

As the calender turns to September, football season is now upon us. Allegiances are coming out and rivalries are emerging. This is especially true in the baseball locker rooms.

When the Astros embark on their road trip to Oakland on September 4th, they will do so in their preferred football jersey.

It is moves like this that are good team bonding activities. Players can pay allegiance to their hometown, a favorite player, or their favorite team. Porter stated that he would likely go with Andre Johnson in support of the local team.

I would go with J.J. Watt. What would be your jersey of choice?