Who Do You Want to See When Rosters Expand?


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Jonathan Singleton

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Whether or not it happens on September 1st or after the minor league playoffs, who (aside from George Springer) do you want to see called up to Houston?

Greg Thurston: 

I don’t think we will see a lot of guys called up that aren’t already on the 40-man roster. Just about every “near major league ready” prospect is already in Houston. There aren’t too many guys left, besides Springer.

If I had to pick one, I would choose Carlos Perez. Right now the backup catcher situation is dire. Who knows how long it will be before Carlos Corporan and Max Stassi are able to play again? It might be a good idea to go ahead and give both of them the rest of the season off to recover. I think it’s time to figure out who is going to be part of the plan going forward. Cody Clark certainly isn’t the answer.

The Astros have Perez and Rene Garcia at Oklahoma City. Perez has always been considered more of a prospect but Garcia is having an outstanding season offensively. Calling up one or both of them could help determine who we put more stock into for the future.

I’m not in any hurry to see Jonathan Singleton promoted. I don’t think he’s done enough to earn it. On the other hand, Asher Wojciechowski deserves to be called up. But Wojo will have already thrown enough innings and should probably be shut down once the AAA playoffs are over.

If we need to cut players from the 40-man roster to bring up a few youngsters I’m okay with losing Hector Ambriz, Jorge De Leon, Edgar Gonzalez, Philip Humber, and Trevor Crowe.

Ray Kuhn: 

Jonathan Singleton has been a disappointment this season. And, it has nothing to do with the fact that the first baseman was suspended for the first 50 games of the season. Prior to the suspension, Singleton was on a track for the major leagues similar to the one that Jarred Cosart was on.

Even after it was announced that Singleton would be missing the first 50 games, there was still no doubt in my mind that he would be promoted to Houston by August. However, he has not done anything to earn the right to wear a major league uniform. If anything, he has actually taken a step back.

In 70 games with Oklahoma City, Singleton has only hit .220 with just six home runs and 30 RBI’s. Talk about a letdown.

At this point, the Astros have to be counting on Singleton for 2014 and beyond. But in order to really see what he can do, I think it would be a prudent decision to call him up to Houston. September is essentially a preview of Spring Training, and it would be nice to get a head start on evaluating Singleton.

John Burgess:

There are so many guys I would love to see brought up in September. Asher Wojceichowski is definitely deserving of a spot, and I would be surprised if he wasn’t called up to make a few starts or relief appearances. I would also love to see Jonathan Singleton get a few major league at-bats this season, and I’m intrigued by our Mexican League recruit, Japhet Amador. That guy looks like he knows how to fill out a batter’s box!

Since I cannot make a decision on which one of those I want to see called up the most, I will instead tell you who I absolutely do not want to see — Hector Ambriz. If I ever see that guy in a Houston uniform again, I will go on a three week twitter/CTH tirade! I have no idea why that guy is still a part of the system.

You’re welcome for not answering your question at all!

 Yoni Pollak: 

Considering the fact that most of the current Astros were RedHawks, there are still some players I’d like to see called up. Jonathan Singleton is the first obvious choice. Singleton has struggled at OKC, but he is still the likely opening day starter at 1B in 2014. Singleton could use as many extra at-bats as possible this season after serving a 50-game suspension earlier this season. Batters such as Brandon Laird, Marc Krauss, Trevor Crowe, and Jimmy Paredes are also likely to see time in Houston in September. In the bullpen, I’d like to see the Astros call up Jason Stoffel, Jake Buchanan, and Asher Wojciechowski to help with the bullpen woes. The bullpen has been dreadful and these three would likely help out in the pen.  

Ace Feltman:

The growing legend of George Springer aside, as rosters expand in September I’m interested in seeing certain Astros players actually stay in AAA to finish up the OKC season with more polishing. This is while “tryouts” at the big league level continue with relative familiarity.

So Springer, Jon Singleton, and even a return back to the minors but perhaps AAA instead of back to AA Corpus Christi for Max Stassi.

One guy I’m curious to see tested with a few starts in September is starter Asher Wojciechowski. Acquired in the mega-haul last season from Toronto for JA Happ, “Wojo” has had a breakout campaign thus far across AA and AAA. Instead of Lucas Harrell or Erik Bedard picking up a spot start down the stretch run, I’d love to see a taste of what Wojo has to offer before the book closes on the 2013 Astros season.

Tyler Stafford:

Can I go slightly off topic and say that I am officially in the camp of NOT wanting to see Springer this year? Not only has he had a long, fruitful season, but if he is called up and put on the 40 man roster he is taking the spot of a player who may need to be protected from being a Rule 5 pick. I could go into a much longer explanation, but I’ll save that for later.

I am excited to see Wojo get called up. He’s got good stuff and I’m ready to see what he can do at the Major League level. Another one that I am looking forward to is Jose Cisnero. He was so good for the majority of the year and then kind of fell off. He will get a second chance and I’m eager to see how it goes.

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