Links and Tweets: August 28th


There have been many Astros-related articles and stories over the last few days. Here are links and tweets from the last few days.

  • Forbes recently came out with an article saying the Astros are the most profitable team in MLB history. After a few hours the Astros responded to the article claiming the facts are false. I believe the Astros handled the situation well in a year where their PR department has been subpar. The Forbes article prompted one Astros blogger, specifically Terri Schlather of the Crawfish Boxes, to wonder why Astros fans don’t trust Jim Crane (click HERE to read the article). You can check out our very own Greg Thurston’s thoughts HERE.
  • How bad has the Astros bullpen been?

"With Lunhow at the helm, that’s changed quickly. The proof of that can be seen in the standings. All the full-season standings in the system, that is."

And how dominant have the top four Astros affiliates been this season?

"BO PORTER: “We go way back. We developed a relationship when he was my manager, both in [high-A] Daytona and in Double-A. He was just one of those guys who did things the right way; everything would be fundamentally sound. Even when my playing days were over and I started coaching, he was one of the people I reached out to. I’d ask him for advice and wisdom, and he’s always been there."

"“I think when you think about a college pitcher taken at the top of the draft and what your goals are in that short season, a lot of it is acclimating in pro ball and just getting him a taste,” general manager Jeff Luhnow said. “I think we accomplished that with Mark."

  • John Sickels wrote his observations on Carlos Correa (click HERE for the article).

Make sure you check out this week’s CTH podcast with Andy Pondillo and Ray Kuhn! (Listen here)

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