Astros weekend links


It looked like the Astros were pretty happy to be back home last night. Their 12-4 drubbing of the Blue Jays was Toronto’s sixth straight loss. The Astros go for the series win tonight. While you’re waiting, enjoy these tasty nuggets from around the web.

Here you go.

Star Telegram

"Actually, the Astros for the most part have been amazingly competitive against the Rangers this season, particularly with their starting pitching over the past two weeks. But when it came down to winning time in those games, Houston simply didn’t get the W."

"They’re going to have some headaches. Like I told both of them, ‘The best thing you can do right now is just be honest with the doctors, be honest with the trainers, and tell them exactly how you’re feeling and let the process take care of itself."

Houston Sports Counterplot

"The Astros blatant refusal to acquiesce to national expectations has cast the Astros in a villainous role in the first act of this American League drama. The Astros refusal to irresponsibly spend money like “drunken sailors” is regarded as an integrity issue while ignoring the understanding that the team is holding itself accountable to its own process."

(Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports)