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Who’s Cold This Week? Matt Dominguez


There was a stretch where it seemed that every night Matt Dominguez was getting a clutch hit for the Astros. But for a while now, they have been few and far between for the third baseman.

Matt Dominguez (Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports)

Dominguez drove in 19 runs in May and followed that up with 17 RBI’s in June. During that time, he was the best run producer on the Astros and he was producing in key spots from the bottom of the order. That coupled with his good defensive plays, while also taking into account his throwing problems, made him a pretty valuable player. The fact that Dominguez hit .229 in May and .211 in June did not seem to matter as much since he was producing in other areas.

In July, the third baseman’s average was .261 for the month but he only drove in ten runs. On the season Dominguez is hitting .230 with 14 home runs and 55 RBI’s. Granted you would like to see him hit for a higher average, but the power coupled with defense is decent production. All Dominguez needs to do in order to become a more productive player is raise his average thirty points and cut down on the throwing errors. But can he do it?

So far this month, Dominguez has gone cold.

In seven games entering Friday night’s tilt against the Rangers, Dominguez was batting .179 in seven games with only one run scored and one RBI.

To me, it is interesting that you really can’t blame this on strikeouts like with the rest of the Astros. So far this month, Dominguez has only struck out 14.3% of the time which is not that bad. Statistically, I’m honestly not exactly sure if there is something specific to point to regarding Dominguez’s struggles.

What do you think about Dominguez going forward? Other than the fact that he just can’t hit for a high average, is there anything specific you have noticed? Does he have a future on this team going forward?