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Who’s Hot This Week? L.J. Hoes


I’ll tell you this from the start; when the Astros acquired L.J. Hoes from the Baltimore Orioles last week, I wasn’t really too excited. In fact, quite honestly, I did not know much about the 23-year old outfielder.

L.J. Hoes (Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports)

But then even after a closer look, Hoes did not really leave much of an impression on me. Now I know he was the Orioles’ Minor League Player of the Year last season, but I was still left wanting more. Sure he didn’t strike out much was a .300 hitter in most seasons, but that was it.

I am still not going to change my early impression of Hoes that he will be nothing more than a fourth outfielder or a platoon option. However, that does not change the fact he has been impressive in his first seven games as an Astro.

You can make the argument that other players have had better weeks than Hoes, but I think he should be recognized and it’s not like he had a bad week either.

After going 0-5 in his first game for Houston, Hoes had at least one hit in every game but one entering action Wednesday night. And the game that Hoes did not have a hit in, he only had one at bat as a pinch hitter. In those six games, Houston’s new outfielder is batting .412. with five runs scored and two RBI’s.

What stands out to me, is that in those six games Hoes only has two strike outs. That’s the main thing he brings to the table, he keeps the strikeouts to a minimum and gets on base. At the very least, the the outfielder will be a productive bottom of the order hitter.