Blasting Off: PED’s, Trades, and Baseball Oh My!


On this edition of Blasting Off Andy Pondillo and Ray Kuhn discuss a huge array of topics from PED’s in baseball, Erik Bedard‘s early exit, and the possibility of Bud Norris being moved.

Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Since our last episode there is hardly enough time to fit in all the topics involving the Astros and baseball. Will the Astros keep Bud Norris, what can we expect from Jonathan Villar, and how impressive was Jarred Cosart in his Major League debut?

Some of the other highlights include:

-What impact does the Ryan Braun suspension have on baseball?

-Is there hope for the Astros to keep their record under 100 losses?

-What type of prospects could the Astros net for Bud Norris?

Listen to all of this and more on the player below, fellow Hill Climbers! Stay tuned for our new episode next week, and feel free to tweet us questions or comments at @astrosCTH.