Astros On Top 50 Prospects Lists


It’s around this time of the year when updated top 50 prospects lists are made by some of the minor league “experts” throughout the baseball world. Baseball Prospectus, Baseball America, and FanGraphs came out with there lists. Others experts such as Jonathan Mayo, Keith Law, and John Sickels should be coming out with their lists within the next few weeks. Most of the Astros top 50 prospects were unanimous though the order was shuffled around. Here are the updated lists and the pertinent Astros information.

Carlos Correa is widely considered the best prospect in the Astros system

Baseball Prospectus by Jason Parks (Subscribers only) – June 25th, 2013

Since I’m not a subscriber I was not able to see the write-ups on each prospect.

I believe it was meant to read “5 Astros” instead of “7 Astros”.

Baseball America (Staff Report) – July 8th, 2013 (No 2013 Draftees)

FanGraphs by Marc Hulet – July 16th, 2013 (No 2013 Draftees)

#11 Carlos Correa (SS)

Houston’s Correa isn’t as far along in his development as Bogaerts or Lindor but he has a chance to be as good or better than his fellow shortstop prospects. After a slow first month to the 2013 season, the Puerto Rico native has been on fire and could probably handle the jump from Low-A to High-A ball but he’s just 18 so there’s no reason to rush him.

#29 George Springer (OF)

Springer offers an intriguing combination of speed and power — and his game has taken a big step forward in 2013, even though he may strike out 150 or more times in a full big league season. All ready a 20-20 (HR-SB) player in 2013, the Astros prospect is a true threat to become a 30-30 player and is currently hitting .404 with seven home runs in his first 17 Triple-A games.

#31 Jonathan Singleton (1B)

A suspension ensured that Singleton’s season did not begin until June but he’s already played at three levels this year, topping out at Triple-A. The Astros prospect has spent a little time in the outfield during his career but his long-term home should be first base. He has the talent necessary to settle into the middle of Houston’s lineup for years to come.

#40 Mike Foltynewicz (P)

Foltynewicz needed two seasons in Low-A ball but he’s split the 2013 season between High-A and Double-A. The right-hander’s 100-mph fastball is his meal ticket and the development of his secondary stuff will go a long way to determining his future role: starter or reliever.

#47 Lance McCullers Jr. (P)

The son of Lance McCullers Sr., a talented reliever from the ’80s and ’90s, McCullers Jr. is slowly proving to his doubters that his future belongs in the starting rotation. Just 19, he’s dominated the older competition in Low-A ball with a plethora of ground balls and strikeouts. He’s a true rising star in the Astros organization.

Mike Foltynewicz (photo by Tammy Tucker)

What can we take out from these lists?

1. 6 of the top 50 – The Astros (arguably) have 6 of the top 50 prospects currently in baseball. Appel is considered a top 25 prospect in baseball, and if lists have Foltynewicz and McCullers in the top 50, that would give the Astros 6 of the top 50 prospects.

2. Carlos Correa is considered a top 16 prospect – Though Byron Buxton has been getting all the hype, Correa has had a fantastic season.

3. George Springer – Though Springer is on pace for a 40/40 season, he still isn’t considered a top 10 prospect. It’s possible his high K-rate worries some experts, but they do acknowledge his true power/speed potential.

4. Pitching prospects – Both Lance McCullers Jr. and Michael Foltynewicz got lots of love from the experts. Though McCullers has more upside, the experts love Foltynewicz’s 100MPH fastball, and some believe that could carry him a long way.

We will see how different other lists are over the next few months. It’s possible the others give more love to George Springer or have a different order. It’s possible, though unlikely, the Astros acquire another top 50 prospect in a deadline trade.

Time will tell but the Astros future is exciting!