Harang Carves Through Astros


Yep. You read that correctly. He destroyed us. It was brutal. Pathetic. Disgusting. It was terrible. The Astros did not put up a fight at all and lost tonight’s game 4-0.

There is nothing very little positive to take out of the game tonight. I know J.D. Martinez was 2/3 on the night, but when that’s the best thing that comes out of the night, it’s not a good night.

Felix Hernandez Aaron Harang was on the mound for the Mariners tonight and he took care of the Astros easily. Besides Martinez, the rest of the lineup went 0-27 against Harang. THAT’S ZERO HITS IN 27 AT-BATS!!! It wasn’t even Felix Hernandez! This was against AARON HARANG!

I know things are bad in Houston, and I expected nights like these. However, I did not expect Aaron Harang to pitch nine innings of two hit ball while striking out ten. Yep, you read that right. The same Aaron Harang whose career WHIP is 1.35 gave up just two hits in a compete game against the Astros. The same Aaron Harang whose career K/9 is 7.3 struck out 10 batters tonight. I knew it’d be bad this year, but never expected this.

You want a positive on the night? Bud Norris pitched seven innings allowing just five hits, three runs, one walk, and striking out six. That’s pretty good for a guy who came into the game with a 5.84 ERA on the road this year. Norris has pitched well as of late, and the Astros will likely receive several phone calls about him as the trade deadline nears.

So yea. This recap may have been a bit harsh but it’s deserved. It should have been expected after the 6-game winning streak because they were “due” to lose several games in a row after the streak, but it still hurts to see.

Tune in tomorrow (or don’t) as Jordan Lyles faces Jeremy Bonderman at 9:10 PM CT.