Larry Dierker is Back In the Fold


That didn’t take long at all. Reid Ryan’s first official day as team president was yesterday, and today an announcement was made. Granted it was not the big news Astros fans were hoping for, but it was something.

Larry Dierker

(Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports)

When it was made public a few months ago that Larry Dierker was no longer going to be affiliated with the Astros, the news was troubling. Dierker was and still is an icon in the organization. So then how can you just throw away all of that goodwill and experience?

For good reason, no one was happy. Dierker was understandably upset and confused to say the least. And the Astros were without one of their legends. Like a lot of other things in Houston, things were just not the same to start the season with Dierker not around. The problem though, is that Dierker was not the only familiar face missing or let go in Houston.

After it was announced that an agreement could be reached to keep Dierker in the organization, there was a halfhearted attempt made to find a role for him. It did not work, but in Ryan’s second day, that all changed.

Following a meeting between Dierker, Ryan, and Jim Crane this afternoon, the news was released that Dierker is now the special assistant to Ryan. In addition to advising Ryan, Dierker will be doing exactly what he should be doing in this role.

The former pitcher, manager, executive, and broadcaster will be a goodwill ambassador to the fans and Houston community. This is what should have been done all along. Something just feels whole and right again about Dierker being part of the organization.

Ryan said all the right things about returning a sense of community to the Astros and reconnecting to the fans. Granted this is only one move on his second day, but this is was certainly a good way for Ryan to begin his tenure. Remember this is only the beginning, but everyone wins with Dierker back as an Astro.