Blasting Off: Improvements All Around


In the eigth edition of Blasting Off, Andy Pondillo and Ray Kuhn discuss how the Astros have improved their approach at the plate. Houston Chronicle writer David Barron also joins the program to talk about the status of CSN Houston.

Credit: Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

The Astros have improved their quality of at bats, however the wins have not fully translated yet.  Andy and Ray discuss how they are pleased with the progress. Is there hope for CSN Houston? David Barron, of the Houston Chronicle, gives us an inside take onto what’s going on with negotiations.

Some of the other highlights include:

-Grades for week two.

-The bullpen has been extremely bad

-The starting pitching has been good, but can they get more innings?

Listen to all of this and more on the player below, fellow hill climbers! Stay tuned for our new episode next week, and feel free to tweet us questions at @astrosCTH.