Join Us For Bloggers Night at the Park!


What the Heck, Bobby? writer Jayne and Tales from the Juice Box writer Terri are organizing a Bloggers Night at Minute Maid Park for Saturday, May the fourth (be with you). The first pitch is at 6:10 and the Astros will be taking on Miguel Cabrera, Prince Fielder and the Detroit Tigers.

The hope of Jayne and Terri is to get representatives from Climbing Tal’s Hill, The Crawfish Boxes, Astros County, as well as writers from other Astros’ sites to attend. They want YOU (the readers) to join us as well for what should be a great time! The blogging community will be stationed in Section 134, starting in Row 18. The Astros have even provided a link so that you will be able to get tickets at a discounted price.

The link to purchase tickets is found here. Jayne says to “go to the interactive map and click on Section 134, starting with Row 18. Make sure you enter the code ‘WTHB’ for the discount.”

So come on out fellow Hill Climbers so we can meet you and catch a game together! We are sure to have a great time, regardless of the outcome of the game.