Here’s Yoni!


I grew up listening to the great Milo Hamilton, before finally getting cable. I always enjoyed listening to Bill Brown and JD, and was very disappointed to hear about the change this year. Those two really made Astros games semi-enjoyable last year, and helped me (and I’m sure others as well) survive the long season. However, even with the change in the booth, I plan on still watching every possible game this season.

Besides watching my Astros, I also love writing about them. When the opportunity arose to write for my hometown Astros, I jumped on it, faster than a Michael Bourn stolen base. Along with writing about sports, I also love talking about sports with my family and friends. When a friend asked me about doing a sports radio show, I was a little nervous at first, but now being just around 3 months into the job, I wish I had been on the radio since my freshman year.

I am currently a co-host of a radio show I do with a couple of friends. On the radio show, we talk about the NFL, MLB, and NBA. On my previous show this week, I reached out to Lance McCullers Jr. who was nice enough to call in, and we were able to ask him several questions about himself, the Astros, and the AL West. I have clipped the interview from the rest of the show and made it available for CTH readers. Just click on the link below and enjoy.

Lance McCullers interview

At least twice a week, during the season and off-season, I plan on providing the CTH family and other Astros fans the best analysis of our hometown Astros that I possibly can. If you have any comments or criticism, please respond to the article and we can talk about it. If you would like to follow me on Twitter then check out my bio, and give me a follow. I look forward to having a great season with the CTH family!